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4/17/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

For today's recent reads, I have two more stunning novels to share.

The first is by one of most talented authors in the industry today, Tananarive Due brings us THE REFORMATORY. Bring the tissues, you will need them.

The second is from author Gwendolyn Kiste with THE HAUNTING OF VELKWOOD. Gwendolyn is truly an inspiration, and she happens to be a local author here in Pittsburgh where I am. I was lucky enough to attend her launch party for this novel and we had a great time listening to her discuss her process for this book. Trust me, you want to read this one!




By Tananarive Due

The Reformatory is a spellbinding tale expertly crafted by master wordsmith Tananarive Due. Set in Jim Crow Florida, centered around a pair of siblings and a reform school steeped in cruelty and injustice, Ms. Due weaves a tale of family bonds, revenge, and justice that will have you on the edge of your seat, captivated until the very last word. Heartbreaking and emotional, brutally raw, this one will stay with you long after you finish.

Five stars.

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by Gwendolyn Kiste

The most uniquely conceived ghost story that I have read in years. THE HAUNTING OF VELKWOOD quickly illustrates why it is a must-read novel that is destined to become a modern classic. A little gothic, a little modern, and a whole lot of horror, done as only Gwendolyn Kiste can, with a fresh perspective and lyrical prose that will captivate to the last word.  

5 stars

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