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Time for more recent reads & reviews! I hope you are having a great Sunday!

John F. D. Taff is an icon in the industry and is widely respected for his novels as well as his anthology work. He is one of my favorite authors and an absolute joy to talk to. PLASTIC SPACE HOUSE is a deeply unsettling read and checked all my boxes! Find out why below!

The second one is an anthology, NEVER WAKE, edited by Tim Meyer and Kenneth Cain. If you are troubled by disturbing dreams, night terrors, and nightmares that cling to you even in the daylight, this one is for you.

Make sure to pick these up today!



by John F. D. Taff

John F. D. Taff performs a mental lobotomy with surgical precision in his surreal fever dream, PLASTIC SPACE HOUSE. A space horror like no other, where the deepest fears of its characters thrust them into a horrifying existence, fracturing all they thought they knew of reality, and the universe itself. Dark, disturbing and unexpected, a must read.

5 Stars

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Edited by Tim Meyer & Kenneth Cain

Never Wake is a brilliantly curated anthology of fever dreams pulled from the deepest voids and the darkest abyss. Nightmares from beyond our realm, hovering just out of reach in the midnight hours. Those monsters that keep us captive in our beds, too paralyzed to breathe, fear seeping from our pores and cold sweat soaking the sheets. Some will rise screaming in the night while some may never wake. You’ve been warned. The abyss is waiting.

4.5 stars

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