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Time for more recent reads and reviews! Another set of incredible novels for today!

Daniel Kraus has been around for quite a while now, but recently exploded in the literary world with his novel WHALEFALL with good reason. This will become a classic.

Kristopher Rufty is one of my favorite authors of all time, this is no secret by now, however his recent release LUCY instantly reached my Top Five list for favorite Rufty books. Lucy is everything a story should be, action packed, full of heart, and wildly entertaining.

Go grab these and enjoy!!



by Daniel Kraus

Whalefall is grief horror at its most heartbreaking. In what may be considered his finest work to date, Kraus draws us in to the depths of sorrow and the pit of the ocean as a young diver attempts to seek closure after the passing of his father. When a sudden Catastrophe lands Jay inside the belly of the beast, he finds himself in a battle for survival and redemption. As he struggles for every breath, he learns both acceptance and understanding, in ways he never thought possible.

5 stars for this instant classic.

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by Kristopher Rufty

I had the honor of reading LUCY early, and I absolutely loved it. The way LUCY is brought to life on the page, her personality shines through every word. When the bad things happen, the gorgeous lovable dog flips her inner switch to make the vile humans pay for their transgressions. The bad guys are incredibly depicted and live for two things, blood and disco. LUCY is one hell of a story that you do not want to miss!

5 stars.

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