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06/24/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews


By William Becker

Set in the rubble of World War II Cologne, Germany, this bone-chilling tale follows the American First Army as they uncover an ancient evil lurking in the shadows. Each chapter introduces a new character falling prey to the creature's insatiable thirst, their gruesome deaths described in vivid, stomach-churning detail.

​From a young boy to a hardened soldier, no one is safe from the vampire's grasp. As the body count rises, the survivors must band together and find a way to defeat the monster before it's too late. But as the vampire's power grows stronger with each kill, they realize they may be facing an evil beyond their wildest nightmares. 

I’m a sucker for a good vampire tale (pun fully intended) and this one was a fantastic ride. Full of well-researched historical facts and imagery from WWII, this story pulls no punches as the horror builds. Right in the middle of war-torn Koln, something more evil than men at war has arrived to partake in the carnage.  Becker did a wonderful job of combining military horror with extreme horror elements, and the terror of an unstoppable predator on the hunt. It’s fast-paced, immersive, and delivers a solid story.

4 stars.

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By Eric Butler

“In this sequel to Pope Lick Massacre, Butler kicks murder and mayhem into high-gear. Character driven and action packed, the blood flows like water straight through to the last page. You’ve never read Butler like this before.”

​My blurb above for SILLY RABBITS barely does the full story justice. This sequel to POPE LICK MASSACRE is everything that you could hope for from a sequel, except more. More blood, more gore, more characters, more action. The varying character arcs all come together in a final climatic rush that will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The Goatman is glorious in this storyline, creepier, scarier, and bloodier.

Like my blurb says, you’ve never read Butler like this before. 5 stars.

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