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05/08/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

I have a couple more Recent Reads & Reviews for you today. One is a recent release from the wonderful Katherine Silva and the other comes from the always awesome Clay McLeod Chapman.

I consider both of these authors to be "must read authors" so I hope you will consider picking up these titles and checking them out!




by Katherine Silva

I was honored to blurb UNDEAD FOLK for Katherine and I'll let that speak for my review. It sums it up perfectly.

“Katherine Silva is quickly becoming a favorite author. With gut-wrenching situations, heartbreaking emotion, and dynamic characters and concepts, Silva quickly engages and captivates her reader, with every word bled onto the pages of her stories.”

Order Here:



by Clay McLeod Chapman & Illustrated by Trevor Henderson

For me, Stay On The Line reads like a stream-of-consciousness letter to a loved one. As if the narrator had to get it all out in a single breath before something bad cut the words off forever. Almost a race against time, feelings of dread build while the heartbreak and the tension mount.

The illustrations only further add to the tale, dark and haunting in their appearance. Though short, this delivers massive amounts of tension and grief. A must read from Clay.

Pre-Order Here:

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