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05/05/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Today's Recent Reads & Reviews features a cosmic horror by William Holloway and an amazing anthology edited by Marcus Hawke. I loved both of these and highly recommend them.




By William Holloway

Lucky’s Girl by William Holloway is an icy plunge into the depths of madness. Full of small- town secrets, ancient entities disturbing the woods, a brutally intelligent pack of wolves, and one man at the heart of it all, Lucky’s Girl is a novel meant to be devoured. Holloway is a master at increasing tension and dread page by page until the heart-pounding conclusion.

Elton Township and its citizens come alive in the mind of the reader as Holloway weaves his spell much like Lucky does with his tribe. Lucky’s Girl falls firmly in the realm of cosmic horror, expertly so.

Highly recommend with a full five-star rating.

Order Here:



Edited by Marcus Hawke

Dead of Night is an excellent foray into fresh vampire tales, captivating and refreshing takes on the lore and legend of the blood-thirsty fanged ones. With a superb line-up of authors and highly original concepts, Marcus Hawke curated one hell of a collection.

This is a must read for any vampire lover.

5 stars!

Order Here:

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