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05/01/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Several short reviews here for some recent chapbook reads.

All are well worth your time and may or may not involve pirates, or the sea, or both!



Red Sky Morning by Jessica Raney.

Quick pace and unpredictable! Really enjoyed this tantalizing tale and would have loved more.

In Our Tears, In The Sea by Matt Lutton

Great pirate tale told campfire style to a group of teens, who soon find out that not all tall tales are fiction. Fun and creepy.

The Undying Maroons by Chaz Williams

Tourists on a pirate adventure become a delicious means to an end. Wild and twisty tale from Chaz Williams!

Stars Shining Darkly by Mercedes Yardley

Perfect pirate perfection. Songs of sirens and superstitious lore abound on this trip into the great blue seas. Beautifully written, my favorite from this group.

Skinwrapper by Stephen Kozeniewski

Skinwrapper is a unique space horror pirate tale that drips with dread and tension in heart pounding amounts. This one made me anxious, all the way to the end. Loved it. Kozeniewski is always a delight, and his stories never disappoint.

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