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04/28/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Two more Recent Reads and Reviews this week, featuring Kristopher Rufty, and Wile E. Young!

I may or may not be reading back through Rufty's entire catalog. Upcoming reviews will neither confirm nor deny this report.




By Wile E. Young

Went into this one blind and read it in one sitting! The small-town feel, the dialogue, the behaviors of adults in extreme crisis, Young nailed it all in this short, sharp, and spectacular tale of cosmic horror.

4.5 stars

Order Here:


Seven Buried Hill

By Kristopher Rufty

Part wild western, part action, all horror. Rufty delivers another wildly entertaining tale to his readers with hearty helpings of violent action, buckets of blood and a dash of spice all woven into a seamless story of vengeance and retribution that reads like a movie in his signature style. If you’re a fan of Laymon, Ketchum, or Lee, you need to check out Kristopher Rufty’s work today. He never disappoints!

5 stars.

Order Here:

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