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04/24/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Couple of new reviews for this week featuring Kristopher Rufty and Gemma Amor, two of my favorite authors in the industry.



All Will Die

By Kristopher Rufty

All Will Die takes every parent’s worst nightmare, blends it with a heavy dose of grief-fueled anger, and delivers a heart-pounding adrenaline rush of revenge on an epic scale. The story follows grieving father Ethan Bowers as he navigates the worst year of his life, after learning about a tragedy that has fallen upon his daughter and her friends during a summer get-away before heading off to college.

He joins the other parents in their quest for revenge. A plan is set into motion, and a series of events follows that none of them will ever fully recover from. Rufty drags you along at breakneck speed through horrifying action sequences and bone-chilling revelations as the story unfolds.

This was a perfect read; a well-balanced slasher style story with a heavy dose of heart-wrenching emotion.

5 Stars-highly recommended. 

Order Here:



By Gemma Amor

This one cuts deep. I felt Margot’s frustration in my soul. The exhaustion of it all. The yearning for something more, something liberating, freeing from the societal bonds placed upon females. It’s a short, emotional, and deeply transformative read.

5 Stars

Order Here:

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