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Feb. 2024 Monthly Wrap-up

In an effort to get better at taking note of my monthly progress and accomplishments, I will be posting a monthly wrap-up to my blog.

Hopefully, it will serve as a journal of sorts to remind me of all I’ve done as I go along. So, that being said.

Let’s get to the list of things done, stories released, events attended, podcasts and more!




2/2 Interviewed my favorite author, horror icon Kristopher Rufty, discussed his new release, Lucy, as well as some of his experiences in the industry. This will be one of my favorite episodes of the year as Kristopher Rufty is one my biggest inspirations.

2/5 Interview Ed Brubaker, author of Where the Body Was, and Jordan Harper, author of Everybody Knows: A Novel. We had a great time speaking with them about their book and upcoming work. These authors are brilliant and wildly talented. It was a delight just listening to them speak about their experiences.

2/21 Interviewed Gwendolyn Kiste about her upcoming release, The Haunting of Velkwood. Our chat with Gwendolyn was a lot of fun and was a mix of personal discussion and industry advice. Really great episode.

2/23 Interview with Mark Towse and discussed his upcoming release, Chasing the Dragon. This was an awesome episode as Mark is fun, witty, and personable. We had a great time listening to him discuss his new release, the idea behind it and his dream collaborations.





The Stoker nominations were announced, and I’m thrilled to say that American Cannibal was nominated. Edited by Rebecca Rowland, it contains a stellar line-up of talent, and includes my story The Lost Diary.



Also, I am very excited to report that my novella Sirens and Seaweed was nominated for a Splatterpunk award in the best novella category.

In the Anthology category, my third anthology in the Dark Dozen Series, Dark Disasters, was also nominated.

The Stoker awards are in May, and the Splatterpunk awards are in August so many months to go before we find out who the winners are but being nominated is a huge honor by itself.

Be sure to check out the lists below to see all the nominations and check out the books so you don’t miss out on some of the best horror of the year.

Stoker Award List

Splatterpunk Award List




I am almost shocked by the number of recent releases that have come out that contain one of my short stories but am very excited to be able to say that I was included in these and was able to join the pages of these incredible anthologies with some of today’s top talents.

Zippers by Candace Nola. Released to Godless on Feb. 21. Releases on Amazon in ebook and paperback on March 1.

Y’all Ain't Right: Southern Extreme Horror anthology published by Evil Cookie Publishing. Contains my story Back Road. Available now on Amazon.

Werewolves (Classic Monsters Book 2) published by KJK Publishing.  My story, Inherent, joins this incredible line-up of authors. Available now on Amazon.

The Horror Collection: Turquoise Edition from KJK Publishing. Contains my story, Music Box Dancer. Available now on Amazon.

Dark Tide, vol. 14: Hardcore Horror F.U.B.B from Crystal Lake. Contains my extreme horror story, Double Feature and joins the talents of Daniel Volpe, and Jasper Bark.  Available now.

Evil Little Fucks Anthology from Sinister Smile. Contains my new story, The Crabapple Game.  Pre-order is live now.



Conventions and Appearances

I was invited to attend this year’s Brownsville Screams that will be held in Brownsville PA this fall. I will also be attending the below list of conventions.

  • Scares That Care AuthorCon 3 in Williamsburg, VA and AuthorCon 4 in St. Louis, MO

  • KillerCon in Austin, TX.

  • TBRCon in Knoxville, TN

  • Texas AuthorCon in Fort Richardson, Tx.  

*Check my list of appearances on the home page to stay up to date on all events.



Blurbs and Recent Reads

Since the beginning of the year, I have read six novels for blurbs, have two more pending, and read and reviewed nine more books.  My current total of blurbs written since 2022 is 36. That’s an incredible number of authors that have trusted me with their books and it’s been a privilege to be able to see these amazing stories well before their release.

Being asked to blurb something is one of the most incredible feelings and I am honored every single time. Sadly, I’ve not been able to blurb everything that I am asked to, but I make every effort to fit it into my schedule.

Next month’s wrap up will include the books that I read, reviewed and blurbed so I have a more cohesive wrap-up to reflect on later in the year.

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