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Recent Release News: Bradonomicon II & Splatterpunk's Basement of Horror

In other release news, I had the honor of being included in two more wonderful anthologies, both of which were projects for great causes.

I do hope you will check these out and consider buying one or both of them as the cause and the need is great, in both instances.


First, BRADONOMICON II, was created for indie horror super fan, Brad Tierney. Brad has several medical conditions and recently lost his wife. When his author friends heard this news, we got together to create a special anthology to further help Brad and his family with expenses, now and in the future.

This is the second volume for Brad and all proceeds from both volumes go directly to him and his family. Brad endlessly supports the horror community, and we were honored to be able to do this for him. This volume includes my short story, PAULA AND B-RADLY, about a demon summoning gone wrong.


The feverish scratching of pens, clacking of keys, and softly muttered curses fill the catacombs. Great sconces burn, filling the hallways with heady smoke, as the Dark Patron of Horror stirs in his slumber. We offer this tome to The Bearded One in hopes of quenching his unholy desire. In Nominus Tierney, All Hail Brad!

Featuring: R.J. Benetti, Brian G. Berry, Brian Bowyer, Thomas R Clark, m. ennenbach, Rayne Havok, Candace Nola, Duncan Ralston, RJ Roles, Matt Shaw, Megan Stockton, Daniel Volpe, Regina Watts.

While the book is currently limited stock, we hope to remedy that soon as the publishers are changing at the moment. More on that news when it becomes available.

Order Here:




This anthology was created by Jack Bantry to benefit the Herriot Hospice Homecare, who help people living with terminal cancer in Jack's local area. The authors include Brian Keene, Jeff Strand, Bridgett Nelson, Glenn Rolfe, Wile E. Young, J. F. Gonzalez, Kristopher Rufty, Brendan Vidito, Robert Essig, Carver Pike, Patrick Lacey, and Lucas Mangum.

Thirteen stories of classic splatterpunk from some of the finest voices in modern indie horror. Dare you go down into the basement of horror?

My story SKINS is included in this volume, about a woman seeking acceptance, in a most disturbing manner.

Cover design by Mike Dickinson. Cover Illustration by Denis Privezentsev.


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