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Recent Reads & Reviews

As I continue to move Uncomfortably Dark into a publishing house, I will be posting my own reads and reviews here on my website.

The review team for Uncomfortably Dark posts their indie reviews on our blog over there and I want that blog to remain dedicated to the team and the community.

I have three for this week: PARASOCIAL by Wendy Darymple, ROAD HAZARDS by Jason Nickey, and THESE THINGS LINGER by Dan Franklin. Three great reads that I hope you will check out.




by Wendy Dalrymple

This was a fast one-sitting read with a tense storyline that keeps the reader guessing as to how the events are going to unfold. Well-paced, disturbing concept socially relevant to today’s world, Dalrymple builds tension along with paranoia. How well do you know your online friends? Do you want to find out? 

4 stars.




By Jason Nickey

Another one sitting read from Jason Nickey. This story felt like listening to an old friend recount a horrific tale in a quiet bar or around a crackling campfire in the middle of the woods. Bone-chilling and tense, you just might find yourself looking over your shoulder the next time you get in your car. 

4 stars.




By Dan Franklin

Dan Franklin is quickly becoming a new favorite author. In THESE THINGS LINGER, Franklin weaves a tale of sorrow, loss, grief and regret like a master, layering the story over childhood flashbacks and present-day narrative to create a terrifying story of what happens when one man wants a second chance to reconnect.

4.5 stars.


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