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June 2, 2024: Recent Reads & Reviews

It's no secret that author Ronald Malfi is also on my Top Ten list of must-read authors, right up there with Stephen King, Jonathan Janz, Kristopher Rufty, and Lee Mountford, just to name a few.

I was overjoyed to receive the physical ARC for Malfi's new novel ahead of its release, Small Town Horror! This one is now on my list of Top Five Malfi reads, right up there with Snow. Black Mouth, and Come With Me.

Check it out below and make sure to order it yourself today!



by Ronald Malfi

Small Town Horror could not be a more apt title for this story by Ronald Malfi. With a town you can almost see, characters that feel real and recognizable, and a slowly creeping sense of dread you can almost taste like the permeating salty tang of the water that drips from every page, Malfi pulls the reader into a richly layered world of darkness, fear, and regret.

Reading this felt like becoming part of the story, so deeply immersive is the telling that you feel as if you are there, watching the story unfold, feeling what the characters are feeling. Experience the chills for yourself and get it today!


Order Here:

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