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3/31/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

For this week's recent reads, I have two great reads for you.

The first is a novella by Chad Lutzke, BRUISES ON A BUTTERFLY.

The second is a collection, aptly titled CREEP by Kevin Bachar.




by Chad Lutzke

There are few authors that can do coming of age tales like Chad Lutzke. It's such a specific feel that coming-of-age stories are almost their own genre. BRUISES ON A BUTTERFLY is no exception to that rule.

I found this to be a wonderfully written but sad story about a trio of childhood friends dealing with themes of abuse, neglect, and friendship. How far do you go to protect your friends, especially the most fragile among us? Even in the face of the impossible, the choices we make serve to shape our lives, and the people we become.

4 stars.




By Kevin Bachar

This new collection from Kevin Bachar is full of horrifying tales, all of which are loosely based on some of his real-life travels and experiences. The stories contain something for everyone. From creatures in the night to human monsters hiding in every shadow, Bachar proves nothing is beyond his creative range. Be sure to check this out to satisfy your craving for what goes bump in the night, and that which lingers in the shadows.

4.5 stars.


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