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07/07/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

For this week, I have two reviews to share with you. One is a haunting tale from indie author Chisto Healy. The other is from N.P. Cunniffe, who brings us a wonderfully haunting tale set in the Irish countryside.




by Chisto Healy

I went into this story almost blind, having only a vague idea of what it was about. The cover sold me on this one, and I skipped reading the back cover text. I had already read a few great reviews for this one, so I jumped in.

First off, the characters are fantastically written. I felt like these were real people that I might know in my own life, great dialogue, relatable scenarios and emotions. Everything that you would expect a person to feel in this situation.


Secondly, the increasing tension kept me interested and the pages turning. The overall feel of the building dread, the need to find out the mystery to this apartment and why these things were happening continued to pull me in long after bedtime. I found myself wanting to know along with the main character.

Very solid read from Chisto Healy.  4 stars.



By NP Cunniffe

The Weejee Man follows a writer facing a deadline that retreats to an Irish cottage seeking isolation and inspiration. A night in the pub with some locals and a spirit board sets off a chain of events that embroils the author in a haunting mystery that he simply must solve.

This was a compelling story with well-written characters, beautifully done atmosphere, with a slow-building sense of dread as the story unfolds. I picked this one up solely based on the cover and the folk horror premise. This was a solid debut novella from NP Cunniffe, and I look forward to seeing what comes next.  

4 stars.

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