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05/22/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Today's recent reads include two masterclass storytellers, in my humble opinion, Chuck Wendig and Andrew Najberg.

Vastly different tales jammed pack with mystery, suspense, and a delicious sense of dread in every word.



Black River Orchard

By Chuck Wendig

Wendig weaves a complex and chilling tale about a small town with secrets, a man trying to restore his family’s name, and an orchard that produces a majestic bounty. Before long, the town is consumed by greed and evil, leaving only a few to unravel the horror before it devours them all.



by Andrew Najberg

An atmospheric slow burn that brings a slow sense of dread creeping across every page. An intricately woven Multi-layered story full of mystery, intrigue and a bone chilling fear that crawls up your spine as the story unfolds. Beautifully written, darkly disturbing, and haunting.

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