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05/19/2024 Recent Reads & Reviews

Two great reads for the blog today! First one is by none other than the amazing Josh Malerman. The second is by David Sandner, a new to me author with an incredibly unique tale.



Incidents Around the House

by Josh Malerman

Bone-chilling and bleak, INCIDENTS AROUND THE HOUSE has the feel of vintage horror set in a modern world that will haunt you long after the last page. Malerman is a master at creating an ominous sense of doom and suspense, immersing the reader in a terrifying experience of his design.  


His Unburned Heart

by David Sandner

A wonderfully written tale that captures Mary Shelley herself, the era in which she lived, and the story of her husband’s death. Uniquely told, and creative in concept, Sandner’s tribute to Shelley is a fantastic achievement. For lovers of historical fiction.

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